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The main route of transmission of balantidia is fecal-oral. Infusoria infection can occur through dirty hands, as well as by eating unwashed fruits, vegetables, contaminated water. Workers of slaughterhouses, meat shops, and pig farms are most affected by pathology. The main reasons for the development of balantidiasis in the vast majority of cases lie in: ignoring the rules of hygiene and sanitary standards; non-compliance with sanitary standards when keeping pigs, or when working on farms; drinking raw, unfiltered water; eating unwashed fruits, vegetables, berries. Stages and forms of balantidiasis.

During its development, balantidiasis goes through several stages: stage of infection. Accompanied by the penetration of ciliates into the digestive tract, resulting in a hidden carriage of the disease and its immediate development. The stage of introduction of balantidia into the intestinal mucosa. At this stage, an active inflammatory process develops, the intestinal flora changes, followed by damage to the large intestine. stage of intoxication. The inflammatory process leads to the entry into the blood of a large amount of toxins released under the influence of the life process of balantidia.

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As a result, the syndrome of general intoxication of the body develops. diarrheal stage. Against the background of intestinal disorders, a violation of the stool occurs. Feces contain purulent and mucous inclusions, undigested food particles or blood streaks. It has a fetid putrid odor. There are signs of dehydration of the body, the patient loses weight dramatically. abdominal stage. At this stage, the pain syndrome develops in the lower segment of the abdomen. There are tenesmus and discomfort or pain when probing the intestinal area. Stage of distribution of balantidia. This process occurs when bacteria enter the system of mesenteric lymph nodes along with the systemic circulation. Balantidia settle in the liver, lungs, organs of Esomeprazole 40 mg pills system, provoking the development of an additional inflammatory process in them. Stage of development of complications. The last and most dangerous phase of the course of the pathological process. Possible lethal outcome.

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This form of the disease occurs without severe symptoms. It is usually detected during an accidental examination of the intestine or during a colonoscopy for another reason. Sharp. This form of pathology is characterized by a clinical picture characteristic of colitis or enterocolitis. At first, the development of nexium syndrome is observed, and then, after some time, symptoms of damage to the large intestine appear. Chronic. Chronization of the pathological process occurs in the absence of timely or adequate treatment of acute balantidiasis. This form of the disease is characterized by alternating phases of remission and exacerbation. This is the most common form of pathology. When exacerbated, it is manifested only by a slight increase in body temperature and diarrhea.

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    The incubation period for balantidiasis lasts from 10 to 15 days. Symptoms of the disease develop quite quickly.

    First, there is an increase in body temperature. At the same time, fluctuations in its indicators are frequent and incorrect. The patient complains of attacks of chills, which are replaced by a feeling of heat throughout the body. In moderate and severe pathology, a syndrome of general intoxication of the body develops. It manifests itself: headaches; bouts of nausea; intense vomiting; growing weakness.
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    Then there are severe pains in the abdomen, which are accompanied by frequent diarrhea with nexium pills of copious stools.

    It may contain mucus, blood, purulent streaks, food particles. The smell is very unpleasant, putrid. The frequency of the urge to empty the bowels can reach up to 20 times a day or even more. Against this background, dehydration of the body develops, the patient noticeably and greatly loses weight. He is worried about severe weakness, dizziness, decreased efficiency. If within 2 months the symptoms of the disease do not disappear, it first passes into a subacute, and then into a chronic form. The average severity of the symptoms and their constant presence over time causes exhaustion of the patient. And if there is a recurrent form, then it can last for 10 years. During this period of time, outbreaks of exacerbations are replaced by phases of remissions.
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    For 1 year, balantidiasis can worsen up to 4 times. Symptoms can persist for 7 to 30 days. In this case, the symptoms of intestinal disorders predominate. The syndrome of intoxication is expressed extremely weakly. This is followed by a remission phase, which lasts from 3 to 6 months. If the appendix is ​​damaged in balantidiasis, then the symptoms will be characteristic of acute appendicitis. This disease affects, first of all, male homosexuals. The transmission of bacteria occurs from an infected partner to a healthy one during anal sexual contact. In sick men, a combination of inflammatory processes occurs. This affects the skin of the head and the inner part of the foreskin of the penis.

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In some cases, the formation of painful sores is noted. They may be covered with granulations and contain a fetid, purulent secretion. Along with these symptoms, there is an increase and soreness of the inguinal lymph nodes. Occasionally, male homosexuals infected with balantidiasis may develop verrucous ulcers in the genital or perianal area. In this case, the disease may be complicated by prostatitis or epididymitis.

Children can infectbe treated with balantidia when drinking contaminated water or unwashed fruit. Eating poorly cooked meat can also be a source of balantidiasis. Mortality in this pathology in children is quite high. This is in most cases due to the inattention of parents, as they often mistake bouts of diarrhea and nausea in a child for food poisoning or simple indigestion. In addition, in children, the form of asymptomatic carriage of balantidiasis is more common.